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temperature test & conditioning applications

Direct Contact Temperature Forcing – ThermoSpot®

The Temptronic® ThermoSpot family of benchtop direct contact systems provide an efficient source for IC temperature characterization, including high-Watt emitting devices. Highly responsive and reliable, the unit feeds a thermal probe head through a flexible umbilical – without the use of thermoelectric modules. The thermal probe is designed with an interchangeable ThermoBridgeTM to mate directly to your IC or other device under test.

Using proprietary, robust refrigeration technology ThermoSpot can perform thermal cycling without the worry of cooling degradation so common with thermoelectric modules employed in competitive systems. Furthermore, these systems provide the highest cooling capacity of direct contact systems on the market today.

Highly reliable, high-capacity cooling:
(download data sheets here)

  • High reliability thermal cycling without thermoelectric modules
  • Temperature range: -65 to 175°C
  • Cooling power:
    40W at -40°C for lower power devices
    55W at -55°C and 120W at -40°C.
  • Transition rate: up to <35 sec over 25 to -40°C
  • Easy and secure thermal connection to in-circuit or test socked DUT
  • Touch-screen controller: user-programmable temperatures, graphing, data logging
  • Communications options: Ethernet, USB, IEEE, RS232