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temperature test & conditioning applications

ThermoStream Accessories

Enclosures to optimize your temperature environment

Selecting an enclosure that matches your device will provide the best performance for precise temperatures and rapid cycling.

A variety of standard enclosures attach directly to a ThermoStream nozzle or remotely via a hose. StreamChamber apertures reduce heat loss while allowing convenient access to devices.

If you don't see the size you need, contact us about custom enclosures.

Silicone mats provide sealing and insulation for test fixtures.

For details click the links below or visit the Resource Center.

Model Description Temperatures
Hood Style StreamChamber Two models provide indirect (shower-like) air flow for test areas 10Wx12Lx4H in. (25x31x10 cm) and 14Wx16Lx4H in. (36x41x10 cm) -65 to +200°C
Top Load StreamChamber Provides air flow for test area 14Wx16Lx4.5H in. (35x41x11 cm) -60 to +175°C
Front Load StreamChamber Provides air flow for test area 20Wx16Lx16H in. (51x41x41 cm) -40 to +200°C
T-Caps, Shrouds, Mats Transparent T-Caps diameters 4 and 5.5 in. (10 and14 cm)
Five standard shrouds provide localized direct air on the test device
Conductive and Non-conductive Mats help create seal and wire access
Air Dryer Heat-less regenerative desiccant, delivers CDA at
<-70C dewpoint