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temperature test & conditioning applications

September 2014

RF Testing... ThermoStream Demo... Cryo vs Compressor Cooling...

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ThermalTEST News

Tips / Updates on thermal testing & conditioning
September 2014 



Chamber for RF Testing 

Characterizing RF Components
at Temperature - Application Spotlight

This polycarbonate chamber is designed for -25 to +75°C temperature characterization of RF (Wifi, Bluetooth) components with minimal signal attenuation. The hood-style RF chamber uses a portable ThermoStream air forcing system as the temperature source for rapid (up to 18°C/sec) and accurate thermal cycling.  

Other ThermoStream applications...




ThermoStream® DEMO Video ThermoStream Demo

System Operation and Applications

This video presents an overview of the ThermoStream's history, applications, user interface, and temperature performance. Temperature forcing systems are used for testing and characterization of electronics (ICs, MEMS, transceivers, RF components) and materials. ThermoStreams feature extremely fast and
accurate temperature transitions from -100 to +300°C without the use of LN2 or LCO2.


Cryogenic vs. Compressor Cooling  Cryo vs Compressor Cooling

Pros and Cons of Each Cooling Method

Deciding between a cryogenic and compressor-based cooling engine for your thermal chamber or thermal platform can be difficult. Read this application note to better understand the advantages of each cooling method and decide which one best fits your application.



Temperature Forcing System Models

Legacy Models and ATS-Series Equivalents

 ATS-ThermoStreams have incorporated the performance and features of legacy Temptronic (TPO) and Thermonics (PTFS) forcing systems. The charts below will help you understand the new model designations and performance capabilities.